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About EAP

At the origin, I name this project "pidgin-EAP" for pidgin theme with Emoticons for All Protocols. Now this theme contain some sounds and buddy list themes.

A big thank you to all those who were allowed or allow this theme to exist.

I need you to update this theme if necessary. If you have a protocol theme that you think we can add or merge in this, you can send it by mail at, or modify directly it on Github by pull request.

You can donnate a few money via paypal if you like this.

Theme used by protocol (default)


Apple [MightyText]

Facebook [Facebook] [XMPP]

Gadu-Gadu [Gadu-Gadu]


MySpace [MySpaceIM]

NateOn [NateOn]


Sametime [Sametime]

Skype [Skype] [Skype(D-Bus)] [WLM] [MSN] [Office Communicator]

Tlen []

Yahoo [Yahoo]

All theme who are in this

Hangout MSN (very old) WLM (old) AIM Emoji apple Facebook Gadu-Gadu Google Talk (old) ICQ Myspace NateOn QQ Sametime Skype Yahoo

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On windows :

Download the zip,

open it and put all the contents of "pidgin-EAP-master/.purple" here :

And Install fonts who are in "pidgin-EAP-master/.fonts" on your system

On Linux :

git clone && cp -rf ~/pidgin-EAP/* ~ && rm -rf ~/pidgin-EAP



Emoticons are gray territory. While they are re-used in several ways across the web, they are actually copyrighted under different license terms.

This theme on the other hand is unlicensed.